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Article about Argentina
Welcome to Argentina! A country of fascinating diversity and immense beauty. You are about to begin an unforgettable journey through each of its fabulous destinations. Argentina is a passionate land. In Buenos Aires, you will be fascinated by tango, wonderful gourmet restaurants, art, design, and its lively and cosmopolitan spirit. You will be marveled by the immensity of Patagonia, and when visiting the North you will be enthralled by its colors, as much as the beautiful sound of silence. The Mesopotamia region will surprise you with its jungles and the uniqueness of the Iguazu Falls. Adventure and gourmet experiences await you in the Cuyo region, at the foot of the Andes, surrounded by vineyards. In the Central region you will find a huge diversity of land and activities.
Argentina can be a journey from pre-historic sites to the modern and cosmopolitan life; from comfort and elegance, to lands yet to be discovered.

Article about Buenos Aires (in case you might need it)

Buenos Aires was founded on the shores of the Rio de la Plata in 1570 and was named after the patron saint of sailors for the good wind (“buen aire”). Buenos Aires has since become the cradle of Tango, and has often been referred to as the “Paris of South America”. Many travelers agree that it is Latin America’s most beautiful and fascinating city, and the world’s place to eat a tasty steak.
Downtown Buenos Aires is as sophisticated as any European city, thanks to its wide avenues, grand tree-lined boulevards, fine colonial architecture, rows of cafes, superb restaurants and shops and energetic nightlife, making it an amazing destination. The city was built by French, Italian and Spanish immigrants, which is why it comes as no surprise that travelers walking through the leafy parks and boulevards could be forgiven for thinking they were in Madrid, Paris or Milan.
Though today one of the world’s biggest metropolis, with about 13 million people, the downtown area is still true to its distant past. In the San Telmo district, the city’s multinational heritage is embodied in a varied and cosmopolitan architecture - Spanish Colonial design couples with an Italian influence and a graceful French Classicism. In Boca, pressed tin houses from immigrant families of a century ago, are painted with a rainbow of colors, and muralists have turned the district’s side-streets into avenues of color.
Because of its great diversity and monumental size, Buenos Aires presents travelers with the spirit of Argentina. The national dance, the tango, is perhaps the best expression of that spirit practiced in dance halls, parks, open plazas, and ballrooms. It is an intimate dance combining elegance and an exuberant passion.

Argentina description of small tips and travel
Best Destinations: Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Bariloche, Calafate, Mendoza, Ushuaia
Suggested Short Program: Buenos Aires (4 nights)
Suggested Long Program: Buenos Aires (4 nights) & Iguazu (2 nights)
Buenos Aires (4 nights), Full Day El Calafate & Bariloche (2 nights)
Best time of year to visit Buenos Aires: the recommended time to visit is in March-April, or mid-September to mid-December, avoiding both the cold season (July-August) and the tourist crowds (from mid December to the end of February).
Local Time Zone: BUE = GMT -3 hours (NY Local Time + 1 hour from mid-March to mid-November, and NY + 2 during the North American winter)
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