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This is the first luxury hotel in the region consist of mainly cave rooms and suites. Important thing is everything is in their original shape as they found. Rooms are decorated with antique-traditional items and some of historical pieces registered to Nevsehir Museum. Because of that decoration hotel called as Museum Hotel which allows you to feel the old and live the modern times of Cappadocia. Hotel also very famous its events such as weddings or special dinner organizations in hotel or in valleys.


Reasons to Stay in Museum Hotel

* Hotel has a great location which provides great view to hotel and also makes it easy to reach.

* Service quality of the hotel is superb. This is not a five stars hotel but you will have that service in here.

* Hotel has a small pool in the terrace, which allows you to watch the scenery.

* Lil’a Restaurant, managed by award winning chief, serves great Anatolian Foods

* Many rooms have Jacuzzi. Besides wireless internet connection is available in the rooms.

* Massage terrace of the hotel is an absolute highlight of the hotel which allows to guests has a massage therapy while watching Cappadocia valleys in private terrace.

* Each room has different shape and decoration. For that reason it is attracted people over and over.

* Sheets and pillow covers are produces special for Museum Hotel and these are only small details that they prepare for their guests.

* Hotel supports local artists and exhibits their products in exhibition center free of charge.


My Favorite Rooms:

* Guvercinlik Cave,

* Castle Cave,

* Tafana Cave Suite

* Ucasar Cave Suite

* Beyzade Suite

* Khayyam's Suite

* Sehzade Cave Suite


Room ranges are between 120€ to 2250€

Contact Us for the best rates as per avaibility or  go


Cappadocia Museum Hotel - Guvercinlik Cave Suite Cappadocia Museum Hotel - Sultan Cave Suite Cappadocia Museum Hotel - Beyzade Suite

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Cok memnun oldum

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